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Rose wedding cake details
My passion for baking cakes and pastries was born in the pastry department, as a young apprentice cook in a large hotel in the UK.
My actual first wedding cake order came at the age of 17.
Quality and great customer service are my top priorities, I want my customers to have nothing short of a perfect fairy-tale experience on their special day.
Since 2011, I have created cakes for events in Switzerland, Austria, Spain and England. Continuously working to further develop my education and skills is also one of my top priorities, ensuring that each customer receives their perfect sweet treat.
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Gillian Naylor

Fine tuning my skills in the prestigious French Pastry School in Chicago allows me to combine my love for baking and cake decorating with my desire to see people happy. My custom wedding cakes are the perfect blend of elegance, taste, and personalisation.
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