Dreams come true



Gillian began her training as a young woman in Leeds, England, where she was educated for 4 years to become a “Chef”, her main focus being devoted to the patisserie. After years of continuous training, she completed her education as “L’Art du Gateau” at the world famous “French Pastry School” in Chicago.



Gillian's unique creations and works of art made of sugar were inspiring right from the beginning.  In Steinhausen she established her own bakery, where she exchanges advice with her valued customers, and creates fantastic cakes. Her love of nature and of its colours is a constant inspiration for her extraordinary and unique cake creations. It is very important to her that the cakes, cupcakes, and cookies are not only pleasing to the eye, but are also very delicious. Only the finest ingredients are used by her and her team, making sure that all their creations are so fine that they could melt in one’s mouth. Today, customers in Switzerland, Austria, and Great Britain appreciate her treats, as well as her family and friends.


In order to further develop herself with the latest techniques and baking arts, she spares no effort and repeatedly visits selected and successful confectioners in the world.  Gillian graduated further training courses at the following confectioners: Eddie Spence (UK), Mich Turner (UK), Peggy Porschen (UK), Kaysie Lackie (USA), Maggie Austin (USA), Debbie Brown (UK), Robert Haynes (UK), and Stevi Nicole (USA).



I am lucky to work with some amazing people, and together we produce some fantastic events.  Please ask me about them or book them directly:

Food: Nourished by OTILLIE KUNZ

Weddings: Liebesding

Photography: JULI MARLEEN

Graphic Design: yourSiGN

Event location: Garden Villa